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Web Development Services

Web Development Service

  • CEO’s photo modification.
  • Career link modification.
  • Add PDF document under RD Tools.
  • Remove YouTube and Twitter icons.
  • Troubleshoot black line issue on referral form.
  • Unify 7 blogs’ fonts/design alignment.
  • Add links and PDF document for blog.
  • Get “Sent To” email address used on referral form.
  • Add 2021 IPN referral form pdf to website.
  • Add NABP accreditation on the website.
  • Add content related to “About Patient Care America”
  • Add Sun Sentinel’s “Top Worker” banner.
  • Revision of content on referral form.
  • Troubleshoot website’s hosting site to replace pdf document.
  • Style and alignment on new article spotlight blog.
  • Zoom meeting to replace links on blog page.
  • Create “Thank you” page to be displayed after form submission.

Thank you for your business!